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Please download the cinematic sampler: MUSIC 4 FILM (zip) We are looking to provide royalty-free music to independent film projects, and this is our sampler with 25 styles. Most of these tracks are between 3 – 5 minutes long. The Prayer Cycles ONE, TWO, and THREE are complete tracks.

Did you know you can stream 32 minutes of MDD music via our YouTube MDD Playlist?
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MMD songs available for listening and downloading:

  •       1. Influence
  •       2. Deep Ambient
  •       3. Meeting You Again
  •       4. Not Alone - MDD with Buzzie
     (pop rock remix)
  •       5. Universal Ray of Light
     (Madonna remix)

The Prayer Cycles

  •       6. Prayer Cycle - ONE
  •       7. Prayer Cycle - TWO
  •       8. Prayer Cycle - THREE

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MDD are interested in working with independent movie producers and will license their music free of charge to aspiring projects. Please contact us directly.


Booking and phone contact for MDD: (512) 524-6684

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